Our Gift Vouchers

A Fox in a Box Gift Voucher is a perfect, ideal gift. It shows that you have been thoughtful and allows the recipient to choose an immersive escape room adventure in any one of our incredibly themed rooms. They can choose to experience what is liked to be in Alcatraz; To save the world from a nuclear catastrophe; Break into a hi-tech security vault; Venture into another dimension in The Other Side; Find the Gold in the Wild West Saloon; Create the vaccine to stop the Zombies or even try and Escape from the Zodiac Killer room!


Our Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years and are a great gift idea to bring a touch of mystery and magic with your gift. Whether it is for a Family Present, a Birthday, Special Occasion, Kids Birthday Party or even a Team bonding session it will certainly be an experience they will remember for a long time.


Online Gift Voucher

It can be purchased from our reception desk or you can simply order one online using the form below and you will receive it immediately. You can also add your own special message which will appear on the Gift Voucher and we even supply a Gift Box for the voucher.


Gift Box

If you purchase the Gift Voucher at our reception, we will give you a Gift Box, otherwise you will have to print out and assemble the one we email to you. If you did not want to use the Gift Box you can just email the Gift Voucher or, print it out and either hand it to the recipient or include it in a birthday card.


Let someone know that you have thought about them and chosen something unique – a Fox in a Box Escape Room Gift Voucher. To order one now please complete the form below:


This Gift Voucher is only valid for use at our Gold Coast location. If you would like a Gift Voucher to use at our Gold Coast location please visit the Brisbane Website for Gift Vouchers


E-mail address - your email address which is where we will send your gift voucher and printable gift box as well as a receipt.

From - your name to show who the gift voucher is from.

To - name of the person or names of the people you are buying the gift voucher for.

Personal message - this is your personal message to the recipient which will be printed on the gift voucher.

Payment type - payment is via credit card.

No. of people - the number of people the gift voucher is valid for. Any additional people wishing to play can pay the difference when they arrive at reception.

$50 to $250 Gift Voucher - instead of purchasing a gift voucher for a set number of people you can purchase a gift voucher for an exact amount from $50 to $250.. When a booking is made the value of the voucher can be used towards the total price of any game. Any difference in price between the game and the voucher can be paid via credit card at the time of booking.