Fox in a Box Gold Coast Escape Rooms. Europe's No1 Company is now in Surfers Paradise.

Best of Queensland Experiences 2022 as rated by Tourism and Events Queensland
TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award 2023
From $36 per player
“The best and most immersive escape rooms in Surfers Paradise for
adults, kids, families and corporates."

Great for Team Building

Are you looking for a fresh and creative corporate event? Fox in a Box Escape Rooms Gold Coast is the answer!
Using teamwork and creative thinking to solve logical problems and puzzles and overcome challenges, this is the ultimate team building activity.


PROMOTIONS / Dads Play For Free All Week

ATTENTION ALL GREAT DADS OF THE GOLD COAST!!!  We have a pretty epic week planned here at Fox In A Box Gold Coast with all Dads playing for FREE!





Hands down the best escape rooms in the Gold Coast, professional and well thought out puzzles where everything in the room serves a purpose. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic about what they do and unlike other escape rooms, the hints we requested were delivered smoothly and in a way that didn’t break the immersion. The only downside is if this is your first experience (like it was for us) it will leave you feeling like the other escape room companies pale in comparison. I wish fox in a box franchises were everywhere.

Humble and Honest - Feb 2022

Had a great experience at Fox in a Box doing the heist… with only (milli)seconds to spare, our team of three (Master 6, Master 8 and myself) got the diamonds! Seriously recommend for families and Escape Room enthusiasts alike. A truly immersive experience with impressive tech! Massive thanks to our host who made the experience truly enjoyable.

Mike Ray - Jan 2022

Well hot damn… if that wasn’t the best night of my life then I do not know what was. Played the Zodiac Killer and experienced every emotion that could be felt but I was very pleased with our host who put so much effort into making the experience so much more exhilarating. Thank you, Ryan! You are an awesome host!

Luke Brandon - Dec 2021

My partner and I love doing escape rooms and have been to many, one of our best experiences has been at fox in a box. It was really fun and with intricate, unique puzzles. The employees are great and passionate about their work. Shout out to James, best game master out!

Jess B - 5 Nov 2021